Surrender Like Draupadi

As life rolls between Monday to Friday waiting for the weekend, thoughts and desires keep popping up creating a sense of insecurity and frustration. Throughout the life, we keep on lingering with one or the other desire to be fulfilled. It seems that fulfillment of a desire will make us happy and take us to an elevated state of our being. But unfortunately, after graduation from a good college, we wanted a white-collar job and then an increment followed by another hike… Marriage and so-on..

I know reading all this would have puzzled you about the real point of the article. Yeah? Truly, I really don’t have a point to be proven here through this writing of mine. It’s just the words flowing straight from my core experiences and some desires I am seeking to be fulfilled.

We all have desires-desires of a good house, a loving spouse and a lot more. And of course, there’s nothing wrong in having them. The challenge comes when we struggle to accomplish these goals or desires. Some of us prove to be lucky to reach earlier at the destination while others struggle for a longer time to reach their goal.

There have been times when we have struggled a lot to fulfill a desire or to get rid of something very badly. Some of us keep working with a never-ending enthusiasm while many others gave up. There are also people in the world who chose suicide over struggling a bit longer for their desires to be fulfilled.

What to do when you are struggling to fulfill a desire?

Well, Google may offer you multiple ways to get your desires fulfilled from astrologers to motivation articles, tantra-mantra and much more.

But we all have bad experiences with asking an astrologer about our future. Reading or listening to motivation stuff also fails after a certain point.

So, then what is the solution to fulfill your desire.

Imagine yourself in a situation where everything including your efforts, astrologer’s predictions and everything else doesn’t give you hope for reaching out to your goals? When everyone whom you are trying to convince or prove is simply not getting your point. What is the way out in such a scenario?

Should we run or simply end our life? Or, can we believe in something higher- higher than our situation, our destiny..

Here comes the role of SURRENDER…

While most of us say that yes .. we are already in the surrender mode but the reality is we continue to be troubled by our thoughts of frustration and tension that keep on rolling in our mind day and night.

Surrender is the art to completely let go everything including your thoughts and efforts.

Surrender is what Draupadi did during her vastra-haran by the kauravs. After she failed to ask mercy for herself from people around.. She completely surrendered herself at the hands of the Supreme Power. And see, she was saved. Despite the cruel intentions of the Kauravs, she couldn’t be ripped off her clothes.

This is like an eye-opener for all of us who feel our life is simply run by our own karmas and destiny. Yes, of course these two things have a role to play.  But everything in life and beyond life can be changed by divine intervention including our destiny.

Divinity enters life only at the point we surrender….Krishna entered only when Draupadi surrendered. As Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji says- Surrender is giving the divine a chance to act.

And how can the one who has created the entire universe not fulfill something we desire?

Surrender is inviting the Supreme to take control of our life..

Surrender is the belief a baby has in his mother..

Surrender is that saved Draupadi from devils..

Surrender is that which can make you a king..

Surrender is that which can make life a celebration..!!

Surrender, Surrender to the Divine, to the Supreme Power..

To The Higher Self..


For you may not be capable to win..

Surrender to Win the Ultimate..

In the worst of worst times..

When the storm is hardest..




You will WIN


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