Captured on the ferry from North to South Island, NZ He held me close that night, as close as he could without disturbing the crease of his uniform. The sky above us twinkled as bright as it could. The wind caressing my hair and he as always flicking them back to the ears with his... Continue Reading →

It took me a while to notice how his smile extended beyond the horizons enlightening his entire consciousness with sunshine! His face lit up with a spark of a 2 year old reflecting the innocence with which he handled every heart and soul. His presence was a smile.  Within the first few moments of our... Continue Reading →

Rose Garden, Botanical Gardens, Christchurch, NZ Is present moment hard To live with? That we keep eyes off it! Education systems, advertisements, motivational speakers, friends Motivating for a better future Better? How do we define it? Through the success of fairness cream Or a degree, investing in that house? Being in that constant rush Always?... Continue Reading →

There is a beautiful advantage of living in a multicultural society-you meet people from different cultures, faith, and religions which gives you a chance to know and acknowledge them. With my exploration, I have found that culture is not something restricted to definitions laid out in books or how political parties project it to be.... Continue Reading →

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