Borders closed, unrealistic immigration rules, dwindling job market is what life in the post-COVID era looks like. While life is meant to be unpredictable, heightened restrictions on traveling and working has made uncertainty an inevitable part of our routine lives. These are the time times when passionate career goals have melted down to survival goals... Continue Reading →

There are two things in life that I get back to every time I struggle to thrive in difficult situations. One is advice from my parents which I didn’t pay attention to for a long time and second is the rich knowledge from the ancient Indian scriptures. As a child growing up in India, I... Continue Reading →

After 2 months of job hunting and getting rid of a stressful job, I finally found a casual job to pay my bills. Last Friday, when I was celebrating the joy of working the whole week, the news of the lockdown in my city broke out. It came as a shock to me because I... Continue Reading →

It was hard for her to accept that she had fallen out of love with the guy whom she had long waited to get married. What was harder was the daunting feeling of guilt that followed her throughout the day. The more she resisted her feelings, the more they were loud in her behavior and... Continue Reading →

Being Simple is the Most Difficult Thing!

We are always taught to be calculative and logical in our decisions. Everyone in the world will always tell you to use our brains, ask for opinions, and then take decisions in life. Many people believe in astrology, others believe in their intuition, there are some people who will consult the experienced ones to reach... Continue Reading →

Is Spirituality Crippling You?

Image source: I have known Mrs. Roy for quite a long time. I think it was 5 years ago when I first saw her at a spiritual discourse session in Shimla. The memory of her first sight is still afresh in my mind. Her charisma would easily take away anyone’s attention even from a... Continue Reading →

Surrender Like Draupadi

As life rolls between Monday to Friday waiting for the weekend, thoughts and desires keep popping up creating a sense of insecurity and frustration. Throughout the life, we keep on lingering with one or the other desire to be fulfilled. It seems that fulfillment of a desire will make us happy and take us to... Continue Reading →

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