The Art of Letting Go-The one they don't teach at school! Photo from Red Rocks, Wellington, NZ How easily someone says, why can’t you just let go? And how equally hard it is to do the same! Okay, let’s not talk about letting go of the past, a bad memory, or even a mistake! Let’s... Continue Reading →

There is a beautiful advantage of living in a multicultural society-you meet people from different cultures, faith, and religions which gives you a chance to know and acknowledge them. With my exploration, I have found that culture is not something restricted to definitions laid out in books or how political parties project it to be.... Continue Reading →

The true mark of a great leader is their ability to create and empower more leaders. A good leader is someone who knows how to effectively delegate work that gives other people a chance to use their skills and knowledge for their personal and professional growth. An amazing example of this is when Sugriva sends... Continue Reading →

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