While I was short of budget and time for doing a full-trip to South Island, I did a 4-day trip from Wellington-Christchurch-Wellington during the December holidays. Perhaps, this was the first-ever solo trip I did where I managed everything from bookings, stay, to dealing with the loneliness that comes along at times. It was worth... Continue Reading →

It’s an honor to write about the iconic Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose whose undeterred spirit and patriotism led India to achieve independence in those difficult circumstances. January 23, 2021 marks his 125th birth anniversary and has been marked as Parakram (courage, valour) Divas by the Indian Government. Well, His courage did uproot... Continue Reading →

Sankranti is defined as the movement/transmigration of Sun from one zodiac/constellation to another. It happens every month. What’s special about Makar Sankranti? Makar Sankranti is a time of the year when Surya (Sun) moves to Makar (Capricorn) rashi. As per Vedic astrology, Makar(Capricorn) rashi is ruled by Shani (Saturn). It is the time when the... Continue Reading →

As we celebrate National Youth Day in India to honor the great monk and philosopher Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary, it's time to recall some of HIS great sayings and implement them in our life. Here's the one which appeals to me: All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we... Continue Reading →

Captured on the ferry from North to South Island, NZ He held me close that night, as close as he could without disturbing the crease of his uniform. The sky above us twinkled as bright as it could. The wind caressing my hair and he as always flicking them back to the ears with his... Continue Reading →

It took me a while to notice how his smile extended beyond the horizons enlightening his entire consciousness with sunshine! His face lit up with a spark of a 2 year old reflecting the innocence with which he handled every heart and soul. His presence was a smile.  Within the first few moments of our... Continue Reading →

Rose Garden, Botanical Gardens, Christchurch, NZ Is present moment hard To live with? That we keep eyes off it! Education systems, advertisements, motivational speakers, friends Motivating for a better future Better? How do we define it? Through the success of fairness cream Or a degree, investing in that house? Being in that constant rush Always?... Continue Reading →

New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand There are moments.. Moments of awe As they happen Anywhere, anytime Maybe when it’s your time! Suddenly a fleeting moment Shifts the consciousness That you feel longing Between sky and earth Silently she nurtures a seed Sky supports her Through droplets of nourishment Together they create heaven or hell... Continue Reading →

My dear Most powerful nation You and your satellites failed miserably When a man of simple Indian values Transformed India into a full-fledged nuclear state With Pokhran Nuclear Tests in 1998 I am sure Your speech in Hindi in 1977 Continues to echo in United Nations General Assembly As Your poems continue to inspire People... Continue Reading →

The InterIslander transcending from North Island to South, image taken from Taputeranga Marine Reserve, Wellington Delusional journey From sea to sky Accomplishes When? When we know Both are same Duality merges into oneness Whether it's career, relationships God, spiritual quests We remain what we are In transcendence from Bud to flower to autumn In ant,... Continue Reading →

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