No, Tantra is not Black Magic!!

Tanta is not black magic or tantric sex or erotica

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Tantra Vidya or Tantra sadhana in Vedic Hinduism or Sanātana Dharma is the sadhana (through yantras and mantras) to transcend the limitations of body and mind and live life with full awareness. Tantra sadhana gives you the capability to be fully engaged in wordly affairs whilst living a spiritual life.

In the Vedic Hindu philosophy, tradition, and culture, sadhana-s are focused on the realization of ātman (loosely translated as self or soul). For example, in the Yoga tradition, the goal is not to achieve a beach body or the purpose of dhyāna (loosely translated as meditation) isn’t achieving concentration. These can be the side products of it. However, the ultimate goal of Yoga and dhyāna is to be able to connect with the higher self, achieve awareness, and live in harmony with nature.

The Tantric Yoga tradition considers the chakras to be the seats or loci through which consciouness radiates into the human physical system. However, chakras aren’t anatomical locations in the physical body and can be experienced only during dhyana. Chakras are part of sukshma sharira, are not identical with nerve plexuses and disappear at death.

-Tantra is not Tantric sex, Sanskrit Non-translatables by Rajiv Malhotra and Satyanarayana Dasa Babaji

Translation of Sanskrit

It is very obvious to lose the meaning and essence when things are literally translated from one language to another. This has been the case with Sanskrit (and Hindi) to English translations.

For example, Naga sadhus are translated into English as naked Hindu sadhus. However, not many of us know that it was the valor and sacrifice of Naga Sadhus who saved the city of Gokul in 1757 against the Afghan invasions. Read more at: HOW GALLANT NAGA SADHUS CRUSHED MIGHTY AFGHANS: BATTLE OF GOKUL,1757

Later in 1664, when Aurangzeb attacked the Kashi Vishwanath mandir, it was Naga sadhus who saved the Jyotirlinga from getting destroyed. You can read: The Protector of the Sanatana- The Naga Sadhus

For an overview of who the Naga sadhus are, here’s a quick read by Hindu American Foundation: 5 things to know about sadhus

Similarly, svarga/narga has been translated as heaven/hell in English. However, there is a huge difference in their meanings.  

Misinterpretation of Tantra Sadhana

In the Hindu Vedic tradition, every form of sadhana needs to be initiated in the presence of a Guru. The word Guru can be translated as a teacher in the English context. A teacher may have knowledge of a certain subject.

However, in the Hindu Vedic tradition, Guru isn’t just a teacher who has knowledge of XYZ subject. Guru is the self-realized master, an enlightened being who has wisdom over knowledge, and who knows the right time and place to initiate a sadhak into sadhana. A Guru is someone who walks the talk, is free from the bondages of the material world, and is highly self-disciplined.

Tantra is not Tantric sex

Tantra is a tool/technique/technology to go beyond barriers and possibilities of body, mind, ego and not a means of sexual fulfillment as described by Western scholars.

Unfortunately, in Western countries, Tantra is being presented in such a way that it is supposed to mean uninhibited sex. It has been so badly misinterpreted. This is because books on Tantra have been written by people who just want to sell books. They are not Tantrics in any way.

Tantra is about learning to use the body, not as oneself, but as a stepping-stone to deliver this being to the highest possible dimension. Tantra is not about unbridled sexuality, as assumed by many. Tantra is a technology of liberation, not enslavement.

Sadhguru on Tantra

Tantra is not Black magic

Any form of sadhana in Hindu Vedic tradition isn’t limited to achieving personal goals or living a life of selfish motives. The goal of any spiritual sadhana is always focused on achieving the greater good and transcending the senses.

However, when the energy of the sadhana-s is directed toward fulfilling selfish motives, then the person will fall into the trap of limitations and desires. That’s where the whole purpose of sadhana is defeated.  

For example, the real purpose of Vedic astrology is to find your real purpose, to know the path through which you can contribute to this world, and not to run after predictions of desire fulfillment.

Tantra is a research field. Real tantric scholars are a few. It is like holding a PhD. A doctorate is not awarded for individual benefit. There is value in it only when the study is beneficial for humanity. It is the same with tantras. In fact, if it used with a narrow-minded motive, then there are side-effects.

Bhanumathi Narasimhan on Tantra

Half-baked knowledge or improper sadhanas lacking proper direction and guidance will always lead to negative impacts.

Some very powerful and well-known tantra sadhana-s include the 10 Mahāvidyās (Kālī, Tārā, Śodaşī, Bhuvaneśvarī, Bhairavī, Chinnamastikā, Dhūmāvatī, Bagalā, Mātangī, and Kamalā) and Vigyan Bhariva and more.

It is highly essential to understand the true meaning and essence of Sanskrit mantras, words, and language as a whole before we fall into the trap of English translations and Western interpretations because that’s where we lose our rich cultural heritage.

शुभ हो

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  1. Well researched article. People must know about real Hinduism and sanatan dharm.
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