Boat Ride in Mathura

Be it the streets, mandir, markets, or the people, everything about Mathura Vrindavan is brimming with energy, enthusiasm, and love! And everytime you visit, it will kindle a different emotion in you opening up new dimensions of your existence. Because Vrindavan is all about the bhav you carry, about the degree of surrender of your ego and intellect.

One of the most enchanting experience of a recent visit was the boat ride on Yamuna ji.

The person riding the boat for us told he was pursuing Bachelor of commerce and did this as a part time job. But his love for Mathura was reflected in the way he was narrating the story of birth of Shri Krishna. He said, after Bhagwan was born into the human form inside the prison, the prison doors unlocked themselves and the guards fell unconscious and Shri Vasudev transferred Shri Krishna to Gokul in the middle of night. His way of describing about how fiery the night and Yamuna ji would have been was impactful enough to take you back in time.

Further, he took us towards Vishram Ghat and told Shri Krishna rested here after killing Kansa and thus the name Vishram (which is translated as rest). Vishram Ghat is the central ghat with 12 ghats on either side of it.

What fascinated me most was that the event which happened nearly 5000 years ago is still known to people around Mathura and Vrindavan. A lot of people (who have grown up in India) whether or not with formal education would know about this 5000-year-old event and the times of Shri Krishna in Mathura Vrindavan. Also, this is the story I grew up hearing from my parents and grandparents.

And this is the beauty of it. Culture, history, traditions, and rituals are carried among generations through storytelling.

I’m sharing some of the moments as photos from the boat ride which continue to leave me spellbound. Check out the photos here:

Hare Krishna!

Love from Mathura Vrindavan❤️

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