Auckland Special: Ōmana Regional Park

No matter how many times I have visited Auckland, there’s always something new to explore every time. Be it a beach, park, bush walk or a waterfall, this city of sails never fails to fascinate me with its enchanting beauty. With a 2-day trip to Auckland(one of which was spent in traveling in the Northern Explorer train), I managed to explore a new regional park in South-East Auckland.

Ōmana Regional Park (quite close to Maraetai township) is a beautiful working farm with farm animals and is a safe and suitable place to visit with family and children. It is place for lovers of nature walks, swimming, BBQ, and also has a playground for our little ones. The Auckland City Council website is your go-to resource to find more about this place before you plan to visit.

Now the best part! This mostly easy walkway gives you breathtaking views of the Hauraki Gulf. On a sunny day, you can enjoy stunning views of our lovely Rangitoto and Motuihe Islands and also the tall Sky Tower in Auckland City.

A drive further towards Maraetai beach and Clevedon is an icing on the cake if you love driving along the coast and through the green fields of New Zealand. If you have got more time, a stop-by Duder Regional Park is a good option for a loop walk.

I along with my friend did a short walk around the Ōmana Regional Park and we were lucky to get some nice sunshine and photos (although it was cloudy at some points). So, here are the photos from the walk for you to cherish this wonderful regional park in Auckland.

Just the view from the parking-Rangitoto hiding in the background!
The majestic Rangitoto
Official beginnings!
Some blue sky
Baa-Baa here and there
The green!
The wairua
I guess its the magnificent Waiheke Island in the background!
The sun and its colors
Our lovely Pacific!
From Maraetai beach
On the coastal drive
Towards Clevedon
Here comes the rain
Ooo the Falafel..@Ezmeralda’s Cafe
From the streets of Papakura(Auckland)

Papakura was my final stop before heading to the airport for the flight back to Wellington. This short weekend trip was fun, refreshing, and has given me more experiences for future travels.

Because we need to make happiness with what’s available. Isn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour of the regional park 🙂

Feel free to share you feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Amazing Beauty of Mother Nature nd to capture that in your camera is a great job..
    You have also explained it excellently.Great!!! Proud of you meri Laddo

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