Wellington to Auckland: The Great Journey via Train

Good Morning from Wellington Station, Platform 9

Although I have traveled between Wellington and Auckland quite a few times by road and airplanes, the train journey had been on my to-do list for a very long time. Well, I have finally ticked it off.

I took the Friday morning Northern Explorer train from Wellington traveling all the way up North to Auckland. Out of the four Great Journeys of New Zealand, Northern Explorer train is a must-do for lovers of long journeys, picturesque sceneries, and breathtaking views. It took nearly 10ish hours to reach Auckland from Wellington but the time spent was worth it.

And what’s more wonderful than sitting on a train, passing through tunnels, waterfalls, rivers, farms, eat some nice food, and just be?

If you want to make the best of this journey carry your own food and snacks along because the train doesn’t really stop for a break except for the stops for passengers. There is an onboard café though if you are someone who enjoys buying food from outside.

Before you get too bored reading the text, let me take you on a train journey from Wellington to Auckland with the photos(which were challenging to take from a moving train) below and I am sure you will be inspired to take this journey yourself in the future.

The boss..The engine!
Ooo…the ambience
Just around Titahi Bay
Clouds, sun, we will have it all
We are getting out of the city finally!!
More farm feels
Reached Levin.. so quick
Very winter-y trees(ignore the reflection)
Palmerston North Station
Maybe the sun will come out sometime
I know..very dark, grey.. but the rainbow will come along soon
Ah! Some blue sky
Could feel the wind with those leaves
I finally managed to get out on the deck!
Spring will come for sure!!
So many of them!!
The aura
I’m sure you can spot our lovely green Intercity bus!
Like those secluded rivers!
Tall and disciplined!
Okay! I was trying to capture the curves
We are getting close to National Park
Oh look! The tunnel
Rain also wants its share of the day!
That’s how the rainbow comes with the rain!
Sun was all shining bright in Hamilton
Long white cloud of New Zealand
And here we are in Auckland!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and it gave you the vibe of our lovely North Island.

You can book your great journey of the North Island here: https://www.greatjourneysofnz.co.nz/northern-explorer/

Alternatively, IntercityNZ is also a good way of traveling around New Zealand for lovers of road trips.

Safe traveling!

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