Palmerston North: In Autumn

This city holds magic. Everytime I visit it, it leaves me in awe and surprise. From my first time visit to this city about which I wrote in my blog post: A day in Palmerston North to this one, I always find a reason to go back to this beautiful place. This time while traveling to Tongariro National Park for the long weekend, I had a small stopover in Palmerston North for a delicious breakfast at: Café Esplanade in Victoria Esplanade followed by a quick stop at Te Apiti Wind Farm.

Here are the photos from my recent visit to Palmerston North. As the autumn is slowly diluting into winter, the colors and hues are magical.

Oh look at those yellow pearls!
Trying to capture every bit of it!
Kōwhai Yellow!
The pose!
Can’t get enough of that yellow sunshine!
Ginger tea!
Soaking the last of the sun!
Oh the glow!
What beauty!
Strong they stand during the winters because spring is bound to come..
Manawatu River
Te Apiti Wind Farm, SH3
Up above the world so small!
Just a different shade

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.

Stay safe!

Images subject to copyright Srishti Moudgil

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