I have always loved celebrating birthdays with family and friends. Since this year my birthday happened to be on a weekday (when everyone is busy in their routines), I decided to celebrate it with a 2-days solo trip. Trust me, it was worth it.

This time my destination for solo trip was Picton in South Island of New Zealand. I have been to Picton before while on my way to Christchurch. But this time I decided to stay a night in Picton and enjoy some slow time in this small town. This time again, I chose the Interislander Ferry for escaping to the South from North Island. Since we have almost made it to the winter season, the weather was dramatic, the sea wild, and the wind as cold as it could be. But the ambience and hospitality of Interislander made the journey memorable and worth taking all the pain for.

The beginnings! This magnificent beauty Kaitaki
The only photo I could manage to take before the viewing decks were shut due to the wild weather
Diving into the wild!
The blur from my window seat-Makara Hill windmills fading in the background
The sea looked more excited for my birthday!
When they were distributing sea sickness bags, I was having my dose of adrenaline!
Misty, raining, illusionary, it was overflowing beauty!
The calm after the storm!
Picton-first photo!
From the Picton waterfront! Oh look at those hills.
From the Mariners Mall

Thanks to Booking.com for helping me choose a comfortable stay at Gateway Motel in Picton. It is located in the centre of town which made it easy for me to explore the nearby places by walks.

The ambience
When you can’t leave home without!
Thanks Explore Picton for the list (outside Picton Aquarium and Cinema)

On the first day of the trip, I explored the Edwin Fox Ship and Visitor Centre which is next to Picton’s waterfront and is one of the best places to visit in all the weather conditions. The entry ticket is $15 for adults which is worth paying the price to see an age-old ship well-preserved here in New Zealand.

Edwin Fox was built as a full-rigged ship in the year 1853 in Bengal in India. After a number of voyages around the world transporting troops, immigrants, and convicts the ship now rests in Picton where it is maintained by Marlborough Heritage Trust.

Oh from the Himalayas!

It’s hard to describe the emotions that I felt while walking inside the ship and standing next to the mast. Despite the heavy rain and the hollow wind, I could hear stories and conversations of the people who traveled on board and how this old beauty still carries those memories in her consciousness. Every creak spoke of the pain and longing for its home.

Last few minutes of daylight
When you like to carry your home-cooked food everywhere!
This one from Pinch of Spice, Picton

Picton Day 2

I spent the second day walking around Picton waterfront, Shelly beach, Victoria Domain, and souvenir shops in the town centre. The city centre is a way to a number of walking tracks like Bob’s Bay and Shakespeare Bay which are within 30-minute walking distance. If you are really keen on a big adventure, you can book yourself into a boat cruise to Queen Charlotte Track and Malborough Sounds. Picton i-SITE is a good place to explore your cruising options from Picton.

Nah not wedding! Birthday mornings!
Morning walk!
Little sunshine!
Colors of autumn
Planning for next destination!
Couldn’t get enough of those hills!
And here’s Dr Bloomfield reminding me to sign-in at Picton Library!
Back to the ship! Bluebridge making its way from Wellington
When you travel in off-season, you get to choose seats!
Because you got to keep reading during travel!
All across the tides and waves leading back to Wellington
Nah! I couldn’t capture that birthday Moon so well

While I reached back to Wellington late in the evening, some people managed to make my birthday more special with these lovely surprises. Thanks for these beautiful moments. You completed my day!

Thanks to Uber and the crew at Interislander for making my journey comfortable and flawless.

Thanks to all those who made my birthday special and memorable as I wanted to be. Thank YOU for reading the blog and going through all those good and bad photos. Feedback is always appreciated.

Stay safe where you are and keep spreading the smile!

11 thoughts on “Wellington-Picton-Wellington

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  1. Amazing trip. I enjoyed Wellington-Picton- Wellington trip through your wonderful writing and super photos.
    Happy Birthday !!
    The ‘mast’ made me emotional.
    Wild sea , nature’s beauty ,all are fantastic. Very well written, srishti.
    All the best. Keep on writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! Your deep sense of writing and amazing photography led me to believe that I was on that 2-day trip too. So close to nature, such peace, such beauty! Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an ingenious way to think outside the box and celebrate a birthday that is going to leave unique memories for yourself and for us who have enjoyed your journey through your wonderful description. So three dimensional was your writing I felt as if I was taking the journey alongside you!!!!Looking forward to your next adventure. Well done!! Shristi.

    Liked by 1 person

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