Day 1 of 4 Wellington-Christchurch-Wellington

While I was short of budget and time for doing a full-trip to South Island, I did a 4-day trip from Wellington-Christchurch-Wellington during the December holidays. Perhaps, this was the first-ever solo trip I did where I managed everything from bookings, stay, to dealing with the loneliness that comes along at times. It was worth it.

Since it’s hard to write about the whole trip in one blog, I am making a blog series including one day per blog which will give me enough space to write about my stopovers and experiences in detail with the photos as well.

Here’s what it looked like on Day 1.

Day 1: Wellington-PictonChristchurch

I took the 6.30am Interislander ferry from Wellington(in North Island) to Picton(in South Island). In order to get to Wellington ferry terminal at this point of time, you can either drive or request for a drop-off. It is almost impossible to walk there and the shuttle services are available from 8am onwards. I pre-booked an Uber and it arrived right in time. Thanks to Uber!

The sea looked at calm and the sunshine added to my delight. The wind was as mild as it can be (keeping in mind Wellington winds). Thanks to Tāwhirimātea (God of weather). I could enjoy the best of views of Rangi(sky) and Te Moana(sea). Trust me, all throughout the journey, I didn’t leave the deck for a single moment to make sure I dive in the beauty around. It was freezing at times but there are places on the ferry (like the backside of the deck) which will shield you from the wind hitting right in your face.

Here are few lines on how does it feel in the middle of the sea.

transcending from North to South

sailing through this vast magnificence

something in me

looking up at Ranginui

and bowing down to Moana

in gratefulness

ecstasy and wonder

I reached Picton around 9.30am and spent next 4 hours exploring the little lovely town of Picton before I left for Christchurch.

Here are the photos from the Great Journey of New Zealand from Wellington to Picton followed by my time in Picton.

It is indeed a Great Journey!
Sunrise so bright-6.29 am Wellington
Gearing up for The Great Journey
And then you see Wellington going away!
Up above the sea so wild
I am pretty sure it’s Somes Island
Pencarrow Lighthouse
More adrenaline
The sun following us to Picton
Racing through the sea
Picton approaching
Welcome to Picton!

Picton has a beautiful waterfront around which you will see the Edwin Fox museum named after Edwin Fox (world’s second oldest surviving merchant sailing ship). I spent most of my time in Picton walking around Shelley Beach Reserve and Victoria Domain. You can also book yourself into a cruise to Marlborough Sounds from Picton. There are a number of adventure companies around the waterfront where you can find a suitable cruise as per your time and budget.

Picton Waterfront
Shelley Beach
Marlborough Sounds in the background
Writing takes you places
Vibes from Picton Central
They have an awesome library!

These are some of the photos from the huge collection I have from the trip. I hope you enjoyed looking at them.

In the next blog, I will write about my journey from Picton to Christchurch with a short stop in Kaikoura. Stay tuned for my next blog and don’t forget to comment below and share it with your friends.

Images subject to copyright © Srishti Moudgil

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  1. Nature! Nature! Nature! Beautiful! The pics are beautiful,so is your write-up.
    Keep on connecting people to Nature through your skilful writing, Srishti.
    All the best.

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