To the stranger on plane!

It took me a while to notice how his smile extended beyond the horizons enlightening his entire consciousness with sunshine! His face lit up with a spark of a 2 year old reflecting the innocence with which he handled every heart and soul. His presence was a smile. 

Within the first few moments of our encounter, I could guess that he was a fragile soul. This fragility must have given him the courage to comprehend the expressions behind the words and to read my mind before I.. While his heavenly smile was contagious to capture my mind but the longing in those soft eyes was definitely louder. It was more than the pain of something that was missing from his life. It was the longing for answers of questions that had long been piercing his soul through dawn and dark. He constantly repeated the phrase ‘thought process’, and his eyes approved of that tiredness and struggle he had been through his never-ending thought process. 

While he admitted that happiness drives him, I am sure his passion and ambitions never let him had it easy. I am sure life would have tested his simplicity and audacity a million times. He had a strong desire for emotional intelligence or I should say emotional strength which wasn’t available to him because he hadn’t realized that he was an empath. It was difficult to see that emptiness he carried in his eyes. I am sure one day he will realize his longing doesn’t have answers but only realizations.  

We had the simplest and deepest exchanges of experiences and learnings from our life making the journey meaningful. 

I still wonder how the universe conspired to make me sit next to this splendid soul and rise into those glorious moments that happened from us.. between us. I remember there were millions of stars in the sky that night and each of them twinkled at me, every time I looked outside in gratefulness. 

He surely was an empath whose morning smile still amazes me..!! 

PS: Based on a true encounter with someone whom I met on the plane while travelling from Hong Kong to Sydney back in 2019. Encounters in the air can leave deep impressions. Just like this one!

4 thoughts on “To the stranger on plane!

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  1. I too have had that kind of encounter myself.
    What an experience! It was meant to be.
    I also felt the same kind of longing for the truth that the stranger wanted to share.
    But he is no stranger as he had come to meet you as he might have been from the past life.
    Wow! You captured the moments for me in your writing!
    Well done, dear. I love the flair and abandon that your writing shows now!

    PS read Brian Weiss. Many lives many masters

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