Fleeting Moments

New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand

There are moments..

Moments of awe

As they happen

Anywhere, anytime

Maybe when it’s your time!

Suddenly a fleeting moment

Shifts the consciousness

That you feel longing

Between sky and earth

Silently she nurtures a seed

Sky supports her

Through droplets of nourishment

Together they create heaven or hell

As you perceive

There are moments

Moments of awe

They come to you

With tide splashing your face

Seagulls making merry

With your lunch

With cold wet feet

Looking up in wonder

Who grew the food?

And who’s being fed!

There are moments

Moments of awe..


Wish you a Happy 2021!


-Srishti Moudgil

Image subject to copyright: Srishti Moudgil

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