Ayodhya lights up with 5.5 lakh ‘diyas’ on Diwali. Image credits: DNAIndia

Over 7000 years have passed

Hundreds of times,

Vedas, scriptures, Upanishads

Languages were manipulated

Forced religious conversions

During foreign invasions

Not once

But a thousand times faith was questioned.

Amidst the chaos,

the stories of grandmothers and folklore

continued talking about you.

In the times when

British, Mughals, Turks

Continued questioning

The authenticity of Sanatana Dharam

Sage Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas

In those adverse times,

Reminding people of

Maryada(dignity) and Sanyama of Rama.

Even today Ramayana can bring answers to get through darkness and doubts.

Hard to understand the divine!

Who can make stones float over water

And how a 7000 year old Ram Setu

Is visible via satellites!!!

Over 7000 years have passed

And it still feels like yesterday

When a prince left the comforts of his palace

And went onto exile for 14 years

Without questioning anyone

Just with a smile

For welfare of family

And upliftment of many others

To show everyone a path towards light

And when Sita was kidnapped

The Supreme Lord didn’t relinquish

His patience and perseverance

Instead continued the search

Without an inch of doubt or frustration.

Away from all the religion, caste, and politics,

Ram kept moving forward with love

Maintaining the dignity at every step of life

Whose name brings peace to all

There is nothing to lose or achieve

If you believe

The Supreme Lord, light

Is available this very moment!!

All you need to do is to believe.

To the intellectuals who

Call it just a story or myth

I wonder what Sage Valmiki and Tulsidas have written

That the legacy continues even after 7000 years

That Ayodhya has lightened up!

Victorious Ram has come back home!!

Happy Diwali


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