5 Things which only a Content Writer can understand

Yes, Writing is a noble profession. But in this era, where people fill their bank accounts with coding jobs, it is difficult to convince people that content writing can be a rewarding career.

Here are 5 woes of being a content writer.

Source: kellieelmore.com

  1. You can never explain your job profile!!

When you tell someone you work as a content writer then people immediately come up with a question- Beta, usme hota kya hai?

Jo likhte ho wo jata kaha hai?

And you are like—everything you read and are reading now is ‘’content’’. Imagine if newspapers, books, novels and Google just showed pictures and signs. Your quest to know more about anything from latest news to entrance exam updates and automobile launches can be fulfilled only with a well-written content.

2. When they question your B.tech degree!!

Relatives, seniors, HR: Oh, content writer! But why did you do engineering then beta?

Me: Just because you were meant to ask me this question.

Yes, there are people who turned writers after getting a B.tech degree. But what’s wrong with that? When people with B.tech can go for a MBA then what’s bad with being a writer. Afterall, being a lekhak is the most prestigious and honored career. Not everyone can do that.

3. The SEO team can never understand a content writer

The job of the SEO is to get to the top of search engines. So, they are never wrong in forcing you to simply stuff the keywords anyhow in the content. They will never.. never.. never appreciate the vocabulary, length, creativity and time you had spent in curating the article.

All they do is to look for keywords and that’s it.

4. They think books are boring

Well, a big thanks to the biggest novelist of the times- Shakespeare, Chaucher, Eliot, Jane Austen and a lot more .. Had they not written those literay works, we would have never understood the love, agony, pain, romanticism, fantism of those times.

For History only lists the chronology of the events, its the novelists who can take you back there and make you realize the truth.

Source: QuoteHD.com

5. What will be your future?

Since most people are hardly aware of content writing so they put up questions about your salary, career, and future prospects.

The first thing is no particular career can be taken for guaranteed to reward you with a bright future. You never know one may turn out to be an entrepreneur or a novelist or may be a language professor after working as a content writer.

So, all those content writers out there- Never lose faith in what you write, you never know your words may be changing lives. Explore options, work harder and put your soul into your content.

And never feel low, the world still adores Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and kids still love to read Alice in Wonderland in their school books.

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