Being Simple is the Most Difficult Thing!

We are always taught to be calculative and logical in our decisions. Everyone in the world will always tell you to use our brains, ask for opinions, and then take decisions in life.

Many people believe in astrology, others believe in their intuition, there are some people who will consult the experienced ones to reach a particular conclusion.

But why?

What stops us from being ourselves? If you want to do a particular thing then why do you need a consultation from others? We have this tendency to look for validation for our decisions. If so and so says yes to my decision, then it is right to do so.

Why can’t we follow our hearts?

The reason is fear! Knowingly or unknowingly our lives are driven by fear. This is fear is instilled in us right from our childhood.

I remember my parents telling me-If you don’t study, you won’t pass.

If you don’t pass, then you will be left behind in your life.

If you don’t get a good college, you will not get a good job..

And the list goes on..

For the whole of our life, we keep on doing stuff just because of fear..!!

In fact, fear is the reason behind the survival. We eat food because we fear that hunger will weaken our body. Similarly, we sleep only because of the fear of losing our health. Otherwise, our ambitions would never have let us sleep.

So, fear is a good thing as long as it keeps your life driving in the right direction. It is good as long as it keeps us healthy, makes us follow a good routine etc.

The problem arises when we stop following our heart, just because we fear something or the other.

For instance, I want to become a freelance travel writer. But the fear of running out of money and the inability to bear my expenses keeps me away from leaving my job. I am ready to leave my job right now and head onto fulfill my dream. But what stops me?

What is my family going to think of me?

Will my friends consider me crazy?

Will I be safe during traveling?

Will I be able to make money and career out of this?

We have our own reasons to be fearful of what is going to happen or not going to happen.

Now, the another thing that bothers me is-okay, I decide not to take up this crazy idea of leaving my full-time job and become a freelance writer.

But the irony is-

I am short of time. I have just this life to experiment, live, fail, fall, rise, love, and move forward. I am not here for a long long time. No!

Death is for sure! Yes, death is for sure

So, whom do I wait for? Why do I not follow my dreams? Why do I not do what I want to? Why do I keep waiting on for someone to come and validate my decisions?

My heart knows that the better idea is to follow your dreams. Yes, it does know it well. But this fear keeps me crazy all day.

I am sure this is what goes inside most of our minds.

I don’t know whether success or failure comes with a surety tag in life. But there’s one thing for sure and that is DEATH.

The other day I read this amazing quote by Steve Jobs

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

This is so true! When death is going to take away everything, then what do you actually fear of?

A bad decision or failure?

Handling Fears

During all these years of spiritual practices, there’s one thing I could realize-

There’s something which is beyond us, which controls our life, and which ensures that we do get what we really want. I don’t whether it is God, or some energy. But there is a Higher Power which has a major role in all our lives.

I am sure you must have witnessed at some point in your life. There have been times when I really had no clue from where the money for next month is going to come. Also, there have been times, when an unexpected person has come out of nowhere to help me. It has definitely happened with everyone of us in more or less form.

My spiritual journey has taught me that the best and the easiest way to live a happy life is through surrender, faith, and love. Fear is love turned upside down. Surrender and faith makes you realize that you will be taken care of.

Now, the point is about believing in these virtues-

We find it so difficult to accept these virtues in a simple manner.

Imagine, how simple it would be, if we practice surrender and faith in our lives. Having this faith that everything that happens to us is for the best makes life so simple. Is it?

For instance,

If I leave my job and head onto become a travel writer-then I must have this belief that only the best will follow me.

Whether I become a successful travel writer or end up failing, in both the cases, I will be served with nothing but the best.

I know you might be having a lot of questions in your mind-

So, if we consider everything as best then we would become lazy and wouldn’t take any action.


Here, I am not talking about not making efforts and just sitting to find what life brings to you.

If you consider the example above, I said I will leave my job and work towards my goal.

I am talking about the result part. Whatever, it maybe, it will be the best!

Living with this faith is the easiest yet the most difficult thing in life.

When you feel too weak, then practice surrender. Surrender to that Higher Self and let him control your life.

When you feel strong, then get into action, take decisions with his faith that only the best will follow you.

When you feel life is too complicated, practice innocence and simplicity!!

You may know a lot yet you may know too little!

We have no idea where we will go after death. We have no idea what may happen the very next moment.

Be innocent, be in this moment!

Practice Simplicity and Faith-Let your life be run by faith and not fear!

Originally published on Srishti Moudgil’s blog at Medium.

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