Why do women always need to prove themselves?


It’s the middle of the night-the Sunday night which everyone is praying as not to end as it leads to the beginning of the terrific Monday.

But anyhow, I couldn’t find sleep today or maybe the sleep couldn’t find me so I felt like coming up with another blog post. This time it’s not about spirituality, travel or food. This is about women who have to prove themselves throughout their entire lives.

Be it cooking or cleaning stuff or making a good career to sustaining a marriage, it’s always us proving ourselves to others! We are given education and values so that we can prove to be financially responsible once married. We are asked to learn, and sometimes trained for stuff like cooking, stitching, cleaning etc. so that no one can pin point that we aren’t good housemaker.

It gets worse when we have to really do something out of the box just to prove we are humans who need space, time and love to live.

Despite years of struggle and social movements, I still feel it is difficult that the men’s world would ever realize that women are equal and rather much superior to them. This is the same thing quoted by Chetan Bhagat in his recent novel ‘The one Indian girl’.

If a girl wants dreams of a great career then she couldn’t be a great homemaker. On the other hand, if she just matches with a boy’s typical dream of a homely wife then he makes her realize that she is just meant to follow and obey what her husband says throughout her life.

I mean why are we meant to prove or choose something over the other? Are men ever asked to choose between home or career? What if they are given a choice?

Like men want both career, home, so does women! And in order to make the man’s world realize this we really don’t need to prove it to anyone out there!

We have equal rights to fail, fall, cry, lose and bounce back with equal power! Even if a girl doesn’t earn well or is less educated, it doesn’t makes her a less human than a man.

And if she earns more than her husband, she still can be a good homemaker. I think the world must change from being feminist to being humanist! Equal rights, equal attention and equal love.. Income, standards, cars, mobile phones, bank balance and the size of your home are just numbers which keep changing!! Love your daughter, sister, mother, girlfriend, wife and not judge them.

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