Things to do in Kasauli: Make the best of your vacation

From mesmerizing beauty to adventure thrills, Kasauli is one of those unique places which has a lot to offer than just a tourist spot. It not just offers you wonderful sightseeing options but also gives you a chance to dive deep into yourself within the quietness of the place.
If you are planning to chill out this weekend away from the chaotic life or spend a long vacation with your family, Kasauli is prepared to offer you both. Trekking, sightseeing, shopping, eating or simply walking along the streets of this beautiful city would simply rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.
So, here’s a quick list of 7 must-to-do things in Kasauli without which your trip remains incomplete.
1. Trekking on mountain heights
If you are the one who loves to explore new places with a hidden adventure then pack your shoes and track suits and get ready for the fun.

Kasauli is a perfect destination with mesmerizing hilly tracks. The Lower Mall Road which is not much crowded is perfect for trekking. It leads you to beautiful places such as Manki, the Sunset point and Jabli.

And if you are in your 20s and heading out with your buddies then this would be a reviving trip for you. Pack your bags and get going!

2. Nature Walks
As already mentioned, Kasauli is a complete holiday destination for young lovers, friends, couples and families. So, if you are heading out with your spouse or lover then walking on the Lower Mall to Kimmughat and Sunset point would be no less than a romantic stroll for you.

The cool breeze and the serene nature would add beauty and charisma to your romantic vacation. On the way, you would see some of the best panoramic views of Himalayan peaks covered with clouds would just take your breath away.

What could a weekend better than being with the Nature- Away from the pollution, noises in the calm, serene and blissful arena!

3. Gilbert Trail
If you are looking for nothing but peace and only peace then Gilbert Trail is an unbeatable choice for you. Surrounded by hills and thick woods and packed with flora & fauna, the walk through the Gilbert Trail is another thing not to be missed in Kasauli.

But make sure you are cautious while walking through this as this 1.5 km path is a bit slippery.

If you looking for a bit closer encounter with Nature- Don’t miss this!

4. The Joy Ride of the Toy Train
The heritage toy train has been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO and it is the pride of Himachal and no one should ever miss it. You can enjoy this ride by travelling to Dharampur which is about 10 kms from Kasuali and then take a return train from Barog. The enthralling journey from tunnels and oak & pine forests is more of a dreamy ride. On the way, you would also enjoy the largest tunnel at Barog which takes around three minutes to get through.

Who doesn’t loves travelling by train especially then when you can experience everything that passes by so closely?

5. Christ church
The Christ Church is a very famous church in Kasauli which no visitor has ever missed visiting. Apart from its picturesque location and marvelous neo-gothic architecture, the Church offers serene silence and calmness.

Just light a candle and sit there for a while and soon the deep silence of the place would take you deep into yourselves. It is not less than experiencing bliss.

Another place to dive into yourself!! It is said that all answers can be found within. If your physical condition doesn’t allow you to trek or walk, sit here and relax!

6. Shopping at the Tibetan Market
Kasauli has got an amazing Tibetan market at the lower Mall road side. You would find varieties of handicrafts, hand woven items such as scarves, stoles and shawls and a lot of woolen items as well. There is a fruit market where you can enjoy fresh seasonal fruits like plums, apricots and peaches. If you are a lover of jams and marmalades then you would get a large variety to choose from.

Kasauli is also known for locally produced fruit wines such as peach wine, plum wine, apple wine, sherry wine, and black grape wine which you can buy at a reasonable price.

Shopping is the best way to create memories of your trip. You actually re-live your vacation every time you see the stuff you bought from there.

7. Tibetan Food
For all the ones who need variety of food items to satisfy their taste buds, Kasauli has a large range of dumpling and thukpa. You can easily try them at the local Tibetan food stalls in the lower Mall area.

Don’t forget to try local bread Sidu, Green Ginger Tea, Band Samosa, poppy seeds Halwa, and Madara.

Some people travel to explore new food items to pamper their taste buds. If you are the same, Kasauli is again perfect for you.


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