Misconceptions about Happiness-When will we be happy?

You know what brings more happiness than a birth of a child? A perfect astrological chart which promises the child would be a scholar all his life with lots of name, fame, power etc. Every parent wants to have a child with all this.

And the real fight begins the moment we enter this world. Fight for friends, clothes then gradually marks, degrees, jobs, money and so on till we breathe our last. Yes?

You see we have been living a similar life. We have been trained and guided in a way that if you don’t do this or that you will lose it all? But lose what? What actually we have that we can lose? All we lose is our state of mind in the end!

There is just a single purpose behind everything we seek for in this world and that is HAPPINESS. But do we really find it? Recall any of your wish which you have been craving for long and got fulfilled. Were you happy after its fulfillment or you were after another desire?

This time I haven’t come up with advises to be happy or to explain the theory behind happiness. Based on my research and my little experience, I have complied a few misconceptions about Happiness. May be this will help us to find where are we actually stuck in and let us know the true meaning of HAPPINESS.

Misconception 1) Happiness is somewhere in tomorrow

I have heard many a times people saying one day everything will be fine and perfect. And while speaking this they imagine a very paradise sort of situation and feel they will be happy then. You see this? One day so and so will happen and then we will be very happy.

What in case the so and so thing doesn’t happen? Will you still be chasing another ‘One Day’’? What are we actually waiting for?

Happiness is today in this moment right here right now!

Misconception 2) Happiness comes after a desired is fulfilled

If I become a multi-millionaire then I will be happy. Yeah? And what if you aren’t still not happy then? What will you do? Try to gather more money and more money and then eat them all?

Happiness doesn’t come after a desire gets a fulfilled. Only another desire gets popped up once a desire is fulfilled. You score cent percent in 10th then you will have to score cent percent in your 12th as well and then college and so on.

So that means, you have to be cent percent all your life to be happy? How can you expect a car to run on 150kmph always? Is it possible? You will have to make use of brakes to enjoy the things by slowing down a bit.

Fulfillment of desires can never bring happiness!

Misconception 3) Materialistic stuff can buy happiness

Yeah? Really? What if you are sitting in your brand new BMW and you get a very bad news? Will you keep up the same spirit even then?

Money and materialistic things can definitely bring you some physical comfort but not mental satisfaction. Even people who have lots of money are scared to be robbed off by their closest people. So, can money give you that peace of mind?

Happiness is a state of your mind not your bank balance

Misconception 4) Happiness comes with self-satisfaction

You must have read or heard people telling you to pamper yourself, party hard, go shopaholic to please yourself. So many conditions to please yourself? Are we robots? Or do we need real big reasons to smile?

You are breathing this moment isn’t enough to make you smile?

You are happiness, a source of joy! Celebrate it!

Misconception 5) Happiness is something to chase

This is the biggest misconception people have. We think happiness is something we have to run after like a butterfly to catch it. Nooooo!!

This very moment you can be happy, fully rejoice in the self and with this creation.

If you realize everything we are basing our happiness upon is changing. Clearly, if you base your state of mind on something that is changing then how can we be stable?

That’s why we keep on hankering all the time and at the end of the day again sleep like fools waiting for another day to begin the same race.

Just remember Happiness is NOW or NEVER. If you cannot be happy now with your present, nothing in this universe, I tell you nothing will bring you a happy state of mind.

Cheers to Life!



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