Why do we Love desires?

The other day I was planning a trip to some hill station with my friends and all the excitement, the adrenaline rush and the fun was in the moment. The big plans of getting there, exploring places and losing yourself in the scenic beauty left each of us stuck in the future. It took us weeks of planning, packing, unpacking and then again packing of all the stuff required. During all this the happiness was all on its peak and there was nothing that troubled us or led to mood swings.

So, finally after the big checklists were done and everything was put in place, we were set on to the journey with the same big smiles and happy faces.

The excitement kept increasing during the journey like a child who knows he would be receiving a candy once he is done with his homework. After long hours of travelling, we made it to our destination with all the tiredness along.

It was the middle of the night when one of us whispered, ‘Is it all, is this all we have been getting mad over and over since last few weeks’? Since we were dead tired so no one actually paid attention to those silly words and chose our beds instead.

The next morning was supposed to be enthralling as the last night but those words were somewhere haunting my mind. Ignoring the stuff, we were planning our day and suddenly I realized we were again in the same merry-go-round. Chasing another beautiful view or place or cup of coffee. Yeah? We were not in the moment we were still searching for another moment!!

I hope I don’t need to carry on with this story further.

What I realized in those moments was that it’s not the fulfillment of the desires that creates happiness, it is the chase, the adrenaline rush and the journey through all those doubts and faith that fascinates us towards desires.

Getting to the vacation we planned was not at all interesting as soon as we landed there. Right? Once we were there, we were planning something else to seek happiness!

This is the thing about desires that excites us! You are still the same even after you have achieved the highest score in the class or got a job with fat salary or have a big bungalow. Yeah? Somewhere deep inside and even on the surface..hahaah,, you are all on the same. Someone who yet prefers happiness and simplicity over hi-fi materialistic things. That’s why it is said that the most beautiful things in the world cannot be bought, they can only be felt and cherished. And you don’t have to be so-called someone BIG to feel those.

There is nothing wrong is having a desire and chasing the stars to get to the moon. A desire of course adds meaning to your life and brings out the best out of you.

But the fulfillment of the desire is never bigger than the LIFE itself. Desires for a good career, name, fame, relationship etc. are only a part of your existence. Yet, they can never give you complete happiness even after their fulfillment.

So, should we stop loving desires or simply stop having them?

The answer is NO. The thrill would be all gone.

The only thing we can stop is the feverishness and the obsession towards the fulfillment of the desires. Right? Imagine if the car goes out of service while on your way to your favorite destination. Now you can grumble, panic and create all that chaos around. Another option is to do all possible things you can do to get back into action and be with the moment. Isn’t the latter one a peaceful way out?

But we generally have a tendency to create a mess thinking this would make us achieve what we desire for. Sometimes, it may but in most cases it only doubles the problem.

Your desires are not fulfilled merely by your actions but by your FAITH..!!

Have big desires and the courage to chase them desires but don’t lose yourself and your faith while in the journey.

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