BIG Lessons that Nestle Maggie has taught us!

The Maggie that is an essential part of most of our parties, trips, late-night study or office was suddenly banned due to certain inedible content in it. The ban led to complete disappearance of the Maggie from stores, kriyane walas and even the thela walas. Most of us are aware of the story ahead-how the court proceedings took place and slowly and gradually Maggie made its place back in the market and of course in our hearts.

But if we take a closer look, there is a lot to learn from the whole journey of ban to comeback.

Here are some of them BIG and DEEP lessons Maggie has taught us:

  1. There’s nothing wrong in being silent during tough times,, Wait for your chance to come..!!

If you stretch your awareness a bit, then you would realize that the Nestle Maggie officials didn’t utter a single word of defense or denial of any allegations during the whole process.

But if we introspect our reactions during such phases, then most of us try to defend ourselves or put them blame on the person next to us. Is that true?

So, the lesson here is if we silently accept the situation for then and wait for the tide to change then we can avoid 99.9% of the problems.

Truth prevails no matter what!! Wait for your turn.

  1. Don’t grumble over a problem or person,,It shall change..!!

You know the time you spend on grumbling is the same that can bring out the solutions for the chaos. Is It? The Maggie team finally came out with all the truth and the solutions for the cases they were suspected off. That’s why the 2-Minute recipe has come back to our kitchens rather becoming a history.

So, next time you are stuck with a person or situation don’t just don’t grumble over it. Instead, stop, take few steps back if needed and start rectifying things slowly and gradually they will fall into place.

Anyhow, things have to change with time..!! Grumbling or smiling through it is all your choice.

  1. Unshakeable Faith,, Yes! You will win if you have it!!

Now, most of us say that we have complete faith in the Divine. But we are the ones who doubt HIS intentions’ for our lives. Right? Is this total faith in HIM?

You know what saved Draupadi during her vastra-haran? The complete Faith that no matter what goes across she is and will be safe. Yeah? Do you see that—That’s what unshakeable faith truly means.

So, next time you are stuck in a situation, a thought or a person- Remind yourself of the Maggie Story and then enjoy the Maggie..!! J

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