Healthy lifestyle! Why do we find it difficult to adopt?

This article shall not give you the answer to this question but can prove to be an eye-opener for most of us.

I sometimes wonder why we find it so difficult to go for an early morning walk?

Why things like yoga, meditation and healthy living practices are such a burden for each one of us to follow?

In this digital world, you are able to find all the knowledge on a single click. But most of the knowledge we come across on WhatsApp or social media profiles are restricted to just forwarding them and not really following them.

Even when we know that a particular habit can lead to well-being of our body, mind and souls? Still, we find it so difficult to break the cocoon and spend few minutes of the day beautifying our inner selves. What holds us back?

Not a day without Facebook!

Today, Facebook has reached out to remote villages and places on the planet and has become a necessity for our social presence and recognition in our society.

Not a day goes without peeping into our profile and updating stuff. Such is the deep is the impact of social media platforms in our lives.

But if we look at organizations or group of people telling you some healthy living practices. Then most of us take a back step with the notion that such stuff is meant for someone who is completely out of mind and has no aim in life?

Is it really true? Do we really not need something like yoga which keeps you fit and in-action all the time?

Oh yeah, we are the ones who find it a suitable choice to visit the doctor when something inside troubles us instead of mending few of our habits in our lives? Right?

The cellphone in our lives!

If you still aren’t getting my point I can give you another example— You have seen almost every person around you having a cell phone?

A rickshaw wala, your helper at kitchen and many more people- whom you consider a bit of low level than yourself?

The mobile companies have reached to the lowest section of the society and now we can see how mobiles and other electronic gadgets have become a part of our daily routine.

Credit card in each wallet!

And we have more examples—A few years back credit cards and debit cards were considered as luxury but now it is the need of every person and indeed everybody has it in their wallets.

But possibly the fault lies not with mobile companies, banks or social media profiles. It is we who have lost the importance of meditation and yoga in our lives. And that’s why we are simply chasing our desires in search of happiness…

Poor marketing!

I think it can be because organizations that teach meditation and yoga for a healthy being lack good marketing techniques. Maybe that’s why they have failed to impact our lives to an extent other things have?

Even if they start advertising yoga and meditation, I think many of us would argue that it’s just done in the sake of money and fame?

Then what’s the way out to make people believe that the real assets of life is a healthy body and a pure mind through which you can achieve the biggest treasures of the world? If you find the answer, then spread the message around.

Isn’t it? A peaceful and calm mind can create wonders as compared to an agitated mind? And most of us have even experienced this at some point of life. Still, so tough to find few minutes for a meditation session?

Continue with Digital but healthy lifestyle!!

My point is not that we all should shut down our digital lives but can’t we change our habit patterns to convert our living into a healthy living?

A little walk, a few stretches in a day, a sip of healthy tea and a few moments of being YOU can definitely get a better YOU.

Get into Rhythm Now!!




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