Writing to Inspire

I believe words hold magic to transform lives and businesses. Be it storytelling, blogs, or writing a copy for a marketing campaign, I have the skills and experience to inspire my readers and audience positively.

Over the last 6 years, I have developed my content and copywriting skills and experience by working with various startup IT companies and clients by helping them achieve their marketing goals by reaching out to the right audience and boosting sales. Along with this, I have self-published two poetry books in English on Amazon and continue to work on the third one. A creative and seasoned professional with qualifications in Engineering and English Literature, I continue to pursue my passion for writing by writing blogs on srishtimoudgil.com and also helping my clients reach their goals.

Nature, life experiences, stories from people around me, and ancient Indian scriptures continue to inspire my blogs.

Published work

Half Concrete Half Water is my first poetry book born out of experiences and observations from my personal life. You can read it here.

Half Concrete Half Water Part-II is the second book in the series Half Concrete Half Water. It is a collection of poems from experiences in the inter-cultural space in New Zealand. Read it here.

This is my blog page which I started back in the year 2016 and I continue to write posts on it. You can read and give your feedback on my blog here.

Recent Posts

  • Palmerston North: In Autumn
    This city holds magic. Everytime I visit it, it leaves me in awe and surprise. From my first time visit to this city about which I wrote in my blog post: A day in Palmerston North to this one, I…
  • Wellington-Picton-Wellington
    I have always loved celebrating birthdays with family and friends. Since this year my birthday happened to be on a weekday (when everyone is busy in their routines), I decided to celebrate it with a 2-days solo trip. Trust me,…
  • Wellington-Napier-Wellington: In Photos
    Wellington to Napier is over 300 kms which takes a 4 hour drive or approx. 6 hour bus ride (via Palmerston North) through the spectacular farms, mountains, sea, rivers and hidden beauty of Kapiti Coast, Palmerston North and Hawke’s Bay.…

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